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Chronicling Among the Living

Chronicling Among the Living

  • Scenario 07
  • Tier: 1-2
  • Experience earned: 1
  • Event code: 48719
  • GM PFS #: 21732
Player Character PFS # Faction Gold Earned Dayjob Prestige
Jordan Nenys Farfellow 149184-1 Dark Archives (Cheliax) 420 1
Thomas Angus 150394-1 The Exchange (Qadira) 420 1
Trevor Tarran 148105-1 Silver Crusade (Andoran) 420 1
Samuel W Nokrum 142057-1 The Exchange (Qadira) 420 1
Steve B Andrinor Vestinious 140730-3 Cheliax 420 1


If Bustrani dies, only a speak with dead spell will reveal his entire plan as detailed in the introduction. If Bustrani ends the scenario alive, it’s entirely up to the PCs what to do with him, though the Opparan nobles trapped in the theater with the PCs (especially Hustavan) and their friends in the Taldan legal system would be very interested in seeing the Zyphus cleric disappear forever.

The Zyphus Stone is a terrible artifact and the PCs, as Pathfinders, should immediately know that its acquisition could be both a boon and a terrible burden for the Society. There are two likely paths the PCs might choose: taking the time and effort necessary to destroy the stone, thus ridding the world of its potent necromantic magic or returning the stone either to the Grand Lodge in Absalom or to the Pathfinder Lodge in Oppara for safe-keeping.

If the PCs extensively search the House of the Immortal Son for Wuthers, they’ll find his zombie corpse among the dead in Area 1a. In his belt pouch is a draft of the final letter he wrote to Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro, wherein he details the final stages of the dig and the strange character of his companion—noted as “cleric of Irori” but clearly Bustani. His pouch also contains a personal journal, a shorthand record of his many adventures as a Pathfinder.

Surprisingly, more than half of the theatergoers survived the zombie onslaught by gathering together and fighting off the undead menace. Because the PCs dealt with Quint’s roving band bent on stamping out resistance as well as defeating Bustrani himself, the wealthy socialites and nobility of Oppara now have several dinner parties’ worth of sordid zombie stories with which to frighten and awe their friends.

Items found during this scenario

  • Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
  • Potion of bull’s strength (300 gp)
  • Potion of invisibility (300 gp)


Sorry for the delay, I finally submitted the report for this scenario. You all now have the proper credit applied. A quick reminder to post your “dayjob” roll.

Chronicling Among the Living
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