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Mazrin asks for his trial to become a Paladin

Upon completing the recent Society mission that took place in Ustalav which is neighboring Mazrin’s home country of Lastwall, Mazrin asks of his long time companions Nenys and Angus if they would take a side trip with him to his home country of Lastwall and act as his witnesses as Mazrin wanted to undertake the trials to be accepted among the Paladins of Iomedae. Both of these companions agreed to step into this role for their friend, and the group made their way to Castle Firrine. Mazrin was met with among his old friends and fellow warriors with joy. A knight from Mazrin’s former lancer platoon asks him why he was back in Lastwall, or if this was “society” business. Mazrin simply states that he has prepared himself for years and wishes to have his trial for Paladinship. Mazrin was given the simple response of “good luck” from his friend, who also said “I don’t know if I will ever take the trial myself”.

Mazrin heads to the temple of Iomedae and requests that an audience with a council of three, the first member always being the High Priestess and head Paladin herself of the temple of Iomedae. The high Priestess asks Mazrin "and who else do you choose that can act as judge of your based upon the ritual. Mazrin asks for the General of the order of the Star Cavaliers, his former commander to be one. And asks that the Head of the Silver Crusade of the Pathfinder society’s local lodge to be the second. The Priestess then asks and who will stand as witness favoring this man to undertake the trial. Nenys and Angus step forward and in unison say “I do” . Then the Priestess calls forth two of the temple’s Inquisitors to come forward and makes this statement to Mazrin. “Sir Mazrin Tain, being of Lastwall and a member of our mighty Cavaliers, do you understand what it is you are asking for on this day? The Trial once undertaken and the decision made can never be taken again, as is our tradition. If accepted you may number yourself among the faithful of Iomedae, a trust we hope you will never break and be numbered among her faithful Paladins. Should we find you unacceptable to join, you may remain a loyal crusader and Cavalier of your order, but as I said before may never again take this trial. Having this knowledge do you wish to continue?” Mazrin simply responds with the word “yes”. The Priestess finishes with “Then Sir step forward and follow along with the Inquisitors”.

Mazrin is led to a room with a large reflecting pool that has an armor and weapon stand and is asked to remove all of his armor and weapons. Once removed he is placed in a sitting position directly in front of a large reflecting pool. The leading Inquisitor steps forward with a chalice to an alter directly beside the pool placing the chalice upon the alter. The Inquisitor then steps forward invoking a prayer into the potion he mixes up, and finishes the potion by adding a few drops of angel’s blood to the mix. He then explains that “with this mixture we will be able to judge what is directly in your soul, you will be challenged with 4 ordeals in this ritual they will test your Resolve, your Charity, your Faith, and your Inner Demons, and not in any specific order. Your actions in this trance will be what your judgement is based off of. However we want to mention this one fact, inaction in the trance will cause you pain, keep in mind you are only in a trance and nothing can truly harm you, but with your inactions you will feel the pain of those you may fail by not taking action! Now drink this potion, gaze into the pool and meet your destiny” Mazrin drinks the potion and stares into the pool. After what seems like several minutes, Mazrin sees himself looking into the pool however he realizes that he is staring at himself outside of the pool.

Just as he is taking in this information suddenly Mazrin hears a woman screaming, holding a baby and running away from a wolf that is as dark as the darkest night, with glowing red evil eyes. Suddenly floating in the air beside him Mazrin sees a Shield and a Sword there, and he gets the feeling that he can only take one of the two items. Mazrin instantly grabs the shield and places himself between the wolf and the woman. This wolf is agile, so agile in fact that it takes all of Mazrin’s effort just to put the shield in front of the wolf as it tries to go around him and get at the woman, however every time Mazrin blocks the wolf it takes oppurtunity of the opening created by blocking it and bites into Mazrin’s flesh, tearing pieces off and causing large wounds. This continues for again what seems like several more minutes, the wolf rears back away from Mazrin, and Mazrin makes the bold statement that I don’t care if you take my life and eat my corpse, you cannot have the woman or the child. With that the wolf charges Mazrin, Mazrin fronts the shield towards the charging savage beast and then the wolf disappears as a black cloud of smoke into the shield and suddenly the shield itself is gone, as is the woman and child. Mazrin’s wounds were also healed.

Trying to figure out what exactly just happened, suddenly a man taps him on the shoulder from behind. He identifies himself as a cleric of Gorum and says that he needs Mazrin’s help. You see a man of my faith has fallen in battle and our faith states it takes at least two believers to perform the last rites and burial rituals, and I seem to be the only other servant of a religion in the vicinity. Mazrin tells the man that while he isn’t a follower of Gorum’s faith he would help with these last rites. The Cleric tells Mazrin that these rites require both participents to outright declare that they are a champion of Gorum and that they are laying to rest another champion, and asks him if that will interfere with his own beliefs? Mazrin tells him that it would be wrong of him to not help out another person in need, and despite the words that needed to be spoken, he knows what his true beliefs are and no one can take that away from him. In fact Mazrin then begins to ask if Mazrin’s beliefs will ruin this other man’s ritual but before he can receive an answer, the cleric disappears.

Again trying to decipher what exactly just happens, Mazrin is suddenly struck with this feeling that he hasn’t eaten in weeks and there is a loaf of old dried out bread and a very small hunk of cheese in his hands. Then there appears before him a very old man who also appears as if he has not eaten in weeks, and a very young woman who also appears to be poor and hungry is there. Both figures approach Mazrin and begin begging for the small amount of food that Mazrin has. Mazrin is a little troubled by this choice, does he give it to the old man, who may not have the strength to make it another day without this food, or give it to the younger woman whose age and strength may carry her another several days, or does he take care of himself and eat the food himself. A voice starts to whisper in his head “choose”, Mazrin asks one simple question directed at the woman, is this food for you or are you needing this to feed someone else. Receiving no answer from the woman except for continued begging, Mazrin then takes the bread splits it into two pieces and gives one to the woman, and gives the old man the other piece along with the cheese, keeping no food for himself. Mazrin then sees what appears to be the next few days for both people and while no one in particular is truly happy, as all still have hungry bellies, they all survive and Mazrin feels that this is possibly the best outcome he could have hoped for, despite feeling weak and hungry himself. Then as suddenly as they appeared the other figures again disappeared and Mazrin feels just fine.

Then suddenly a fully armored and geared half-orc appears in front of Mazrin. Only the one weird thing is this figure appears to have an extremely large wound around where his heart was. Then as Mazrin examines him a little more he recognizes the insignia of the army of Belkzan on the orc’s armor, and it dawns of Mazrin. This was the first enemy Mazrin ever killed on the field of battle in a lance charge defending castle Farwatch on the Lastwall/Belkzan border. This figure while not making any aggressive moves towards Mazrin begins to yell at him Your the one you killed me several years ago, how could you I was just defending my home. Mazrin replies that he was also defending his home, to which the orc responds Lies, lies and more lies, you invaded my land and knew nothing about me and yet you killed me for what, just for being a half-orc? Mazrin tries to answer that he was just following orders, but this was an internal struggle Mazrin always remembers and falls back on, these were orc and half-orc troops on foot, that were ran down by lancers of Lastwall on ground that has been disputed for a long time. I mean Mazrin was following the orders of his commander but he was still a green recruit, was this truly right to do? Would these “enemies” really cause harm to others if left alone? The Half-orc continues by saying that his mother was of Lastwall and was forced to leave when it was discovered that she was impregnated by and orc of Belkzan, and he simply grew up doing what he had to do to survive. The Half-orc finally comes to an impasse with Mazrin and asks him “would you do it all over again, knowing what you know now?” Mazrin suddenly has a longsword in his hand, the Half-orc even says I won’t fight back, kill me again if you would so blindly make your decision. Mazrin hesitates and suddenly his body is racked with pain, images people dying under this half-orcs falchion. Yet Mazrin still hesistates to strike down an enemy that won’t even fight back, just as he did on the fateful day of his original death as he was being rode down by Mazrin’s lance, again Mazrin is racked with pain. Mazrin gathers himself and stabs the orc in the chest with the sword and says “The decision was right that day that my commander made, and it is right now. While it is not right to kill simply because of simple orders, it is right to strike down evil creatures who will harm others if left unchecked!” Then everything is gone, and Mazrin awakes from the trance next to the pool.

The Inquisitors tell Mazrin his trial is over and he did as well as he was ever going to do. Mazrin retrieves his gear. The Inquisitors proceed to take him back to the main chamber with the council of three and where Nenys and Angus are at. The High Priestess tells Mazrin that while he was in the trance they spoke with his witnesses as to his character and exploits. And that the council of three would watch what happened in the reflecting pool, and with that and the conversation they had with Mazrin’s witnesses they would judge his worthiness to become a paladin. The High Priestess then proceeds to tell Mazrin “Return to your Pathfinder Lodge and await our decision, and well done for even accepting the challenge, it takes a lot of courage just to face the trial”. Mazrin awaits his decision in The Castle Firrine Pathfinder society lodge, hoping to receive the gold bordered white cloak that denotes a Paladin of Iomedae from the Council of three.


A few days have passed since the trial, Mazrin’s anxiety grows stronger with each passing day. He reminds himself that if he can gather enough strength to take The Trial then he too can wield his strength to fight off doubtful thoughts. As he calms himself down a courier enters the lodge, “I’m looking for Sir Mazrin Tain of Lastwall.” He shouted. “I have a package for you.” Mazrin is then presented a letter, which reads:

Sir Mazrin Rain of Lastwall, you have done well with The Trial and have proven yourself worthy amongst the Paladins of Iomedae. The council of three have spoken a great deal about the decisions you made during the trial. As difficult as they were intended to be you barely hesitated with your heroic and selfless actions. We are proud of who you’ve shown yourself to be and look forward to your service to Iomedae and the citizens of this world.

As Mazrin finishes the letter the courier presents him with a gold bordered white cloak and promptly leaves.

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