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Mazrin does a little shopping

So Mazrin after having been accepted into the ranks of the Paladins of Iomedae decides that he needs the armor of a true Paladin. He heads into the marketplace and finds a Dwarven armorsmith’s shop. While there Mazrin sells his Banded mail armor and his heavy steel shield and procures a masterwork suit of full-plate armor with the symbol of Iomedae emblazoned on the chest. He then finds a local weapon shop which give him a fair price on the gifted +1 Fey bane arrows Mazrin recieved from a recent mission since he isn’t much of a bowman and in turn used that money to buy himself a masterwork quality halberd, a weird choice for a knight to be sure but Mazrin remembers one of his fellow knights from Lastwall that used one extremely effectively and wanted to give it a try himself. Mazrin also realizes that while weapon and shield was how he was trained it never felt quite right to him so he sells his one handed cold iron flail, and decides to use his influence with the society to help him acquire a Masterwork quality cold iron Heavy Flail, to go along with his new halberd he just purchased

Shopping Trip Breakdown.

Starting Gold 1673

Sale of Banded Mail and Heavy Shield + 135 Gold

Sale of 2 +1 Fey Bane Arrows + 166

Sale of Cold Iron Flail + 8

Total Gold After Sales = 1982

Purchase of Masterwork Full-Plate Armor – 1650

Purchase of Masterwork Halberd – 310

Purchase of Masterwork Cold Iron Heavy Flail – 2 Prestige Points(a 330 Gold Item Cost)

Ending Gold After Purchases = 22

Ending Prestige After Purchase = 4 Prestige Points


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