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Mazrin returns home for the Holiday Season

So after Mazrin’s Venture Captain decided to head South of Absalom to spend time with his family during this yuletide season. Mazrin decided he would return to Castle Firrine in Lastwall to spend the yuletide season with the only family he has ever known his fellow crusaders of Lastwall. Mazrin procured some exotic spices from a trader in Absalom, along with two bottles of exotic liquors from across the sea. Packed up Symphony’s Saddle bags and rode hard to Lastwall. There he will spend his holiday season enjoying himself with his fellow brothers in arms. Mazrin plans to return to Absalom and get back to questing for the Society after the holiday season. While there Mazrin commisions two Silver Crusader’s crosses to be made for his oldest and most trusted fellow pathfinders Angus and Nenys. Who also stood as witnesses to Mazrin’s trial to enter Paladinhood. While they may not be crusaders themselves, the crosses are a symbol of brotherhood among the knights of Lastwall, and Mazrin likes the symbolism of being brothers with his closest Pathfinder Society friends, each cross costing him 10 gold to have made at Castle Firrine. Mazrin will bestow these fine gifts upon his friends the next time he sees them in Absalom.


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