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story of angus

Angus stands 6 foot 2 inches tall his hair is a light brown he has dull green eyes,
He is usually wears a heavy cloak with breastplate armor and a bow at his side, of coarse lets not forget the big ape Grim who’s always his close companion.
Angus started his life born of a half elf mother whom practiced the druidic arts and a human father who was a farmer, hunter and trapper.
Angus father had taught him to work the land for food but what the land would not provide the forest did, his mother taught him the ways of the forest druid but to her disappointment he lacked both the spiritual drive and the desire to pursue the arts fully.
However Angus was not completely with out merit he was able to lean types of druidic spells and cast them in ways normal druids were not able to; and since Angus youth he has always excelled at the bow, learning how to work the bow for accuracy and then learning how to craft his own arrows. Eventually became good enough that when he made extra people would ask for them at the market.

At the time of his Adult age Angus had spoken to his fathers about seeking his life’s adventure and purpose however Angus father did not want him to go out adventuring especially with those nefarious pathfinders. In order to honor his father’s wishes he kept to the farm work, learning spells from his mother and tracking and hunting in the forest.
One day while out in the woods he heard shouts from the town, there were orcs attacking, Angus made his way to town and was able to end the life of several orcs but the onslaught was to much. Now worried about this mother and father he raced home only to find the farm, house, and family burned to the ground.

It was this day that his life had changed forever, Angus gathered what was left, sold what he could and went to begin his journey, he had spend months living in the woods, slaying orcs when he found them. One day he came across a pathfinder society member who had paid him to do some scouting for him and talked about him possible joining the ranks. So with that he went to seek out the pathfinders and become one. He worked toward that goal and then one day was welcomed to there ranks. It was then on his first official mission that he met his new friends Nenys Farfellow, and Sir Mazrin Tain, and lets not forget the ape that was found in a cage starved and half dead, but when Angus saw the grim determination in the eyes of that ape he knew that he met yet another friend.


Great backstory Thomas I like it a lot man!

story of angus
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