DHo Division

story of grim

The gorilla stands 6 foot 6 inches tall but this is difficult to see as she often hunches with her knuckles resting on the ground. Grim has matte black fur, thick and long that adds protection from the thorns and branches of the forest. Visible under the dark outer fur is a softer brown inner fur this combination of flat black and brown makes this ape almost invisible at night in her home Forrest. She often stands in a tree motionless quiet blended in her surroundings with only a pair of blue eyes peering at you. Grim can often be seen with leather straps wrapped around her knuckles to protect them, she also carries a backpack which has her favorite toy, a ragdoll that she holds feeds and sleeps with. Recently the ape has learned to wear armor, which she enjoys; with the cool of the metal on her fur, and of coarse the ability it gives her to absorb more damage then ever before.
Grim was born in the jungle raised there in a pack until she was three, until animal poachers came in to steal the apes for selling at the bizarre; unfortunately her mother was killed trying to protect her during the battle. The poaches beat her, starved her and kept her locked in a box so they could more easily transport her for sale. Grim stayed in that box for 4 days until Angus rescued her and released her, because of this she remains with Angus, loyal, determined, and fierce.


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