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  • Sulphr's Ledger, Calistril

    The market was rough today, there were a lot of fake artifacts claiming to be taken from Osirion grave sites. My blog boiled dealing with these scumbag merchants today. I managed to pickup some things. |_. Item |_. Price |_. Balance | | Longsword | - …

  • Nenys goes shopping

    In anticipation of facing a mysterious plague, Nenys visits a local apothecary to gather supplies. * 1 potion of remove disease (2 prestige points) * 5 glass flasks (15 cp)

  • Shopping trip

    Nenys is getting tired of almost dying, and plans ahead, finding a local healer and purchasing some potions. * 4 potions of cure light wounds (200gp) * 1 torch (1cp)

  • Mazrin does a little shopping

    So Mazrin after having been accepted into the ranks of the Paladins of Iomedae decides that he needs the armor of a true Paladin. He heads into the marketplace and finds a Dwarven armorsmith's shop. While there Mazrin sells his Banded mail armor and his …