DHo Division

Chronicling the Darkest Vengeance

  • Scenario 47
  • Tier: 1-2
  • Experience earned: 1
  • Event code: 48719
  • GM PFS #: 21732
Player Character PFS # Faction Gold Earned Dayjob Prestige
Jordan Nenys Farfellow 149184-1 Dark Archives (Cheliax) 515 2
Curtis Sir Mazrin Tain 149173-1 Silver Crusade (Andoran) 515 10 gp 2
Thomas Angus 150394-1 Exchange (Qadira) 515 10 gp 2


If the PCs save Miregrold, he is eternally grateful and allows them unfettered access to his lodge and his work—especially since they’ve already seen it. As his confidants and saviors, he requests that they do him a favor and deliver some reports to the Decemvirate for him, adding that he was supposed to deliver them months ago, but couldn’t find anyone reliable enough to perform the task. Of course, he’s lying, but the emergence of vengeful dark folk and his torture at Zoathrias’s hands have made him more open to working with the Decemvirate, and he’d like to get back into their good graces. Despite Miregrold’s best efforts, the Decemvirate assumes possession of the Karcau Lodge and transfers him to a more remote lodge elsewhere on Golarion, where he is less of a liability to the organization. The Society’s masked leaders turn control of the Karcau Lodge over to Basia Kalistoff, who makes good on her promise and rewards the PCs for their assistance.

Items found during this scenario

  • Boots of elvenkind (2,500 gp)
  • Scroll of darkvision (150 gp)
  • Scroll of suggestion (375 gp)


I forgot to do day jobs so post your roll in this thread.

Chronicling the Darkest Vengeance

Mazrin rolled a 17 to his day job roll.

Chronicling the Darkest Vengeance

got a 16, in a effort to better roll play I changed my day job to boyer / fletcher. ill try to write a back story to angus and grim as time will allow over the next week or so.

Chronicling the Darkest Vengeance
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