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Rex Raptor joins the fight

As Rex and Archeops come through the empty portal in Skalds house, he sees that he and his companions lifted the curse of the lantern. He says fair well to the butler and returns to the Grand Lodge for his next quest. After some well deserved rest Rex makes his way to the Lodges quarter master and picks up a way finder, and sells his hide armor and buys master work hide. “Ah yes made of the finest T-rex right Archeops. Reminds you of home doesn’t it.” Archeops looks approvingly at the armor and looks at her dis approvingly. “your right girl.” Rex then sells her wood armor and buys her master work wood armor. Then feeling like he hasn’t been prepared on his previous quests he buys a Druid kit, and a spring loaded wrist sheath.

Rex in his down time between quests spars with Archeops and teaches her about taking attacks when ever he can. Rex also spends a lot of his time thinking about the realm of the mammoth lords and all the secrets it holds. The time he spent in lands lost to time, and the vast jungles under the snow. lamenting every second of his time in the city.


Item Price
Wayfinder -1pp
Hide armor +7.5gp
Masterwork hide -165gp
Wood armor +10gp
Masterwork wood armor -160gp
Druid kit -15gp
Spring loaded wrist sheath -5gp


Hey Tim, don’t mind my edits. I have some OCD tendencies, especially with content management systems. I thought extracting the money portion wouldn’t distract from you story, which I loved.

Rex Raptor joins the fight

no i dont take offense in any way. what ever is needed for book keeping. I like how you guys use the adventure log to do out of game role-playing. which i thought was missing from pfs in general.

Rex Raptor joins the fight
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